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The spaces we occupy are a true reflection of who we are. At Ira Berry Creations, we understand this and work towards bringing your spaces alive in a rush of floral burst through fabrics of your choice, which are aesthetically appealing, painstakingly crafted and delightfully distinct.

Embellished with hand-drawn botanical prints, this fabric collection can be used for curtains, blinds, soft furnishings and more. What makes our creations one-of-a-kind is the perfect peppering of vintage in our boho and contemporary offerings. It's a throwback to the past while keeping in mind the modern times.

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Designs in Spotlight

In this new section, we are delighted to bring to you our most happening collections, which have brought joy and vibrancy to our customers' homes. Take your pick and let your favourite corners speak the language of flowers!

Des Roses

The ultimate symbol of love blooms in all its vivid grandeur in this collection. Popularly known as the King of Flowers, Des Roses symbolises love, peace, affection and beauty. From classic to contemporary, rose can add a touch of jazz to any nook of your home!


Exuding charm in a splash of watercolours, this design is painted by the founder herself. Her artistic vision and passion transcend in a rush of blooms like no other. So if you're looking to give your home a touch of French elegance, look no further than this beautiful and beguiling collection.

Royal Melange

Taking cues from the majestic city of Udaipur, this collection is a striking melange of colours, culture and rich heritage. If you love doing up your spaces in old-world charm, Royal Melange will add the right amount of vivacity and vintage to your corners.


Our holistic interior design and space planning solutions can help you turn your spaces into sophisticated and stylish havens – whether it is just a corner in your home, a room that needs a makeover, or your entire home.

Design Inspiration

Ira Berry Creations draws its inspiration from the flora & fauna and the beauty around us. We strive to constantly ideate to create highly distinctive and bespoke designs.

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The People

Ira, in 2017, finally gave shape to something that has been close to her heart. For almost two decades, she has been working with a reliable team of like-minded and skilled professionals who she has brought together under
"Ira Berry Creations".

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Soaring High

We are where we are because of our customers’ faith and designers’ dedication. At Ira Berry Creations, it’s been our maxim to keep moving forward and match the global landscape of art and aesthetics. Perhaps that’s why we have been able to scale bigger heights and forge deeper connections.

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