Ethos and Inspiration


Growing up in Pilani, the iconic ‘Cosmic Man’ designed by her father made a great impression on Ira. So much so that she got him to make a replica for her, which in turn now inspires the entire team. Constantly reaching for the stars, and standing tall as a symbol of aspirations, the Cosmic Man stands for values that drive Ira Berry Creations.

Ira Berry Creations’ work harnesses the best of art and design on the journey from ideation to execution. Bold, vibrant and unique, our designs are sometimes inspired by nature, and at times by works of art. Our highly qualified team of professionals is well equipped to create designs that our clients may seek distinctly, to reflect their tastes and personality.

Ideation Process

Our exquisite designs, conceived by Ira Berry, are drawn by hand before digitally rendering them on handpicked fabrics of the finest quality. These include organic fabrics like banana fibre, milk fibre, corn fabric, silk suede, casement, satin linen and many more. We execute our designs on upholstery, curtains, cushions, coasters and a designer apparel line, amongst other things. The ideation process itself is organic and intuitive. Our experienced team then scales the designs as per the client’s space and requirements.