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Home Decor

Give Your Home Some Love with Ira Berry's Exquisite Home Decor. Explore our range of luxurious cushion covers, versatile placemats, durable coasters, and long-lasting trivets, Lamps and so much more!. Enhance every corner of your home with premium quality products in customizable Ira Berry prints. Give your home the much-desired lift it deserves.

Cushion Cushions

Choose from our flamboyant range of stylish and extravagant designs or customize your own to make the spaces come together in lyrical harmony.

Outdoor Cushion Covers

Crafted in fabrics ideal for outdoor use in gardens, by the pool, or on balconies, these cushions elevate any space with a luxurious touch.


Elevate your home with a touch of glamour. Explore our extensive range of home decor products, featuring unforgettable prints and exceptional craftsmanship.


Protect your kitchen counters & tables with bespoke trivets by Ira Berry. With a stylish design, they are also decorative details that can help you create a beautiful table setting.


Our elegant and beautifully crafted range of coasters will add a pop of colour to your table setting.

Table Runners

Luxurious fabric table runners elevate any space with artistic flair. Versatile and easily washable, they make perfect gifts, enhancing both décor and practicality.

Display Plates

Our collection of ravishing ceramic plates are a perfect pick-me-up for any mood, taste or occasion. They will be the envy of any dinner party as well as liven up your walls.

Hard Placemats

Our contemporary placemats are not just for etiquette but for aesthetics as well. We create exquisite and distinctive styles that will enhance your dining experience.

Soft Placemats

Our delightful placemats, featuring an array of prints, effortlessly enhance any space. Easy to clean and store, they combine style and functionality.

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Not just homes but we take pride in being associated and customising for hotels like Taj Hotels, The Postcard Hotels and many more.

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