Small room, looks bigger

City life is hectic, fast and often crammed! And while in some cities like Delhi we may have the luxury of large spaces, most cities have small homes and smaller rooms. But a small room does not mean you need to curb your creative impulses. There is a lot you can achieve even with a small room if you follow some key points that can help you make a small space look bigger, and utilise it to the best possible effect.
1. Let there be LIGHT
We can’t stress enough about the role of the right colours in making space look bigger. Neutral tones and natural light can give the room a spacious feel.
2. The perfect MATCH
Using curtains that are a different colour than the colour of your walls can make the room seem rather small. Opt for shades that are similar to the colour of your walls. At Ira Berry Creations, we can customise these to the colour/ pattern of your choice.
3. MIRROR, mirror on the wall
You know it already, but let us remind you. The age-old trick of adding mirrors to your room adds a sense of space and depth to your room. Besides, a good looking mirror will also bring character to the space.
4. Feeling STRIPY
Using a rug with stripes can add a sense of elongation to the room. If you orient the stripes with the longest length of the room, you’ll achieve the maximum effect.
5. What’s life without some DRAMA
Add the drama to your room with a large work of art on the wall. Contrary to what one might say about avoiding large things in a small room, a singular artwork that is large enough to bring some drama becomes the focal point of the room and this bold piece will give the room a feeling of being bigger than it is.