Team Ira Berry Creations



With a Master’s degree in textile design from London, Naina brings Ira’s creative ideas to life. Her exceptional drawing skills and understanding of colours help us weave the magic at the Ira Berry Creations’ studio.


Art Consultant

With the diverse experience of working on art exhibitions and publications for the government and art dealers in India and abroad, Avani is our in-house art consultant for our interior designing projects.

Draper and Craftsman



With two decades of experience behind him, Pradeep is the master of size and scale. A great design executed poorly is worth nothing, and he makes sure that our designs enhance spaces in the best possible way, with his expert draping skills.



From installing our wallpapers to getting our prints done, Shahid has been multitasking for Ira Berry Creations for over a decade. He is a gifted craftsman who is completely self-taught.


Ira Kathpalia (née Berry)

I have always been a creative soul and took to designing at a young age. Later, I studied interior designing and pursued a professional career under the guidance of a renowned interior designer. My father’s demise a few years back left me devoid of inspiration, until I attended a Zentangle workshop in 2017, which helped me understand that there are no mistakes in life, gratitude is the first step of the process. I learned that there exists an artist in each of us and was restless to get back to my calling. This personal journey gave birth to “Ira Berry Creations” an expression of not just my imaginative personality but also the perfect ode to my father’s name.